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July 09, 2017 01:03

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watching my match report, I had a bugged out game – My Attack dribbled towards goal about the 11 minute mark, and both teams got every player stuck on the goal line the entire half.

Liverpool vs Chelsea

So I played the game against the bottom team, and did not win because this bug broke most of the game.

Can you replay this game properly, I should easily win against an inferior team at the bottom of the league.


July 09, 2017 11:22

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It’s looks like the ref decide to watch VR replay or something xP
You don’t won this game because your player miss penalty shot at second half too.


July 09, 2017 23:05

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I’m going to have a look…this sounds familiar from a looooong time ago. It will be nearly impossible to replicate the issue as I cannot see simulation details exactly as they were, other than what is in the match replay and commentary. But as I said, I’ll see if I can figure something out!


July 10, 2017 00:22

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Wow, just watched the replay and it is not what I was expecting! Still, very hard to figure out. I’ve raised a bug for us so we can properly investigate it.

Thanks for reporting!


July 10, 2017 04:29

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I was not expecting it either.

Ball was 79% in attacking. Am sure someone should have scored.

I deserve the victory even more for a high shooter missing a penalty of course.

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