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30 May 07:40

During the season tick the RubySoccer Football Federation will elect the World Team of the Season, picking the 11 best players from all over the world. The best player among those 11 will also be given a special Player of the Season award. The election criteria is a mix of player match performance and the one used to give stars to players, mostly relying on consistent good match performances.

The World Team of the Season will be displayed in the Hall of Fame screen (accessible from the Dimension menu) in a new tab called Players.

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18 May 12:24

Values entered into transfer price and wage fields are now properly formatted as you type. For example, if you type 12000000 you will actually see 12,000,000 on the screen. This should help avoid mistakes of entering one less or one extra 0.

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14 May 22:29

CPU teams will ask for higher values when transfer listing a player whose status became critical. This is the first of a series of initiatives that we know need to be done to make CPU teams a bit less dumb. We still want them to “help” managed teams a little bit, but their lack of planning is not good for the health of the game overall.

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