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01 Dec 02:07

Our logo and default colour scheme has been changed temporarily. This is our way of paying respects to the victims of the Chapecoense plane accident.

Thanks to Nelson, who provided us the modified logo.

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09 Nov 22:45

The Evolution Stage coach report has been tuned so that the estimates for the main skill potential are within a more reasonable range. Even though there will always be an error margin in the numbers they should vary less between two runs of the report for the same player now.


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09 Nov 20:46

The league table now includes a new column showing the percentage of points won. In order to better accomodate this new column, the number of points has been moved to be the first statistic, right after the team name. The percentage column is not displayed in international competitions groups, but the points columns has been moved there as well.

It’s very simple to move things around or revert it back in case people dislike it, so make yourself heard if that’s the case ;-)


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