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New!22 Mar 09:58

Fourteen new Paraguayan clubs have been added to the inactive teams list in both dimensions. MediumTicker and FastTicker are now aligned in terms of number of active and inactive clubs, all leagues have 20 clubs in them with 3 relegation/promotion spots (for countries with more than 1 league). Don’t forget you can vote for the club you’d like to see promoted into the bottom division in each country.

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21 Mar 21:39

National Squad managers won’t be fired for bad performance after being eliminated from a competition if they have joined the team less than 36 turns before. This should avoid situations where a manager joins the national squad in the middle of a competition and is fired after one or two matches, without having the time to get to know the squad and experiment on tactics.

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21 Mar 20:58

New enhancements to Coaching screen, Player View tab:
- Player View tab is now the default instead of Report View
- Evolution Stage and Next Step reports now show how long ago they’ve been generated
- You can request new reports from there without having to go to the player details

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