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25 Sep 22:23

New rules for managing and applying for a national team:

1) If a national team has been free for more than 36 turns you can immediately join as a manager, no need to wait for the tick
2) If a national team has been free for less than 36 turns you can apply as usual and your application is processed in the next tick, we don’t have a minimum waiting period anymore (used to be 12 turns)
3) You can apply for a national team even if it has a manager
4) You can apply for a national team even if you are currently managing one
5) A manager is only fired from a national team if he performs below expectation in the continental competition or not above expectation in the World Cup AND another manager is applying for the job; if nobody is applying the manager is not fired

Please let us know immediately if you see anything weird in the job application process for clubs or national teams ;-)

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16 Sep 04:42

The Match Report screen has been re-designed to have 4 tabs: Report, Statistics, Replay and Commentary. Report and Replay should have no surprises as they have the same content we had before, the only difference being that player statistics are now in the Statistics tab instead of directly below the Report. The Commentary tab is a new addition and contains textual commentary of everything that happened during the match. The text is the same that is displayed below the field in the Replay tab, this is just another option of reviewing the match events.


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12 Sep 01:26

You can now “Like” newspaper articles written by other managers and see a list of managers who liked a particular article. Hopefully this will help writers understand what people like most to see in the Newspaper and provide some level of in-game interaction.

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