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New!22 Jan 21:52

Two minor improvements: transfer prices and wages now have proper formatting when displayed in the team and player history ($n,nnn,nnn); negotiation failed messages now include the wage accepted by the player.


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09 Jan 21:15

You may want to keep an eye on free transfer list in countries that have inactive teams. From now on, inactive players will be gradually released to the free transfer of their team’s country throughout the season. That means inactive teams will always get a fresh batch of players when re-joining the game as well as having their money balance reset.

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18 Dec 06:53

You may have noticed some CPU teams have more than the limit of 40 players in their squads. This was due to a bug that has now been fixed, CPU teams will respect the same limit of players human managed teams have, even if it changes in the future. Of course that any teams currently above the limit will remain so until they sell their exceeding players, but they won’t be able to hire/loan additional players in the meantime.

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