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New!23 Apr 22:08

Four new inactive clubs have been added to Argentina. As a result, the second division (properly renamed to Primera B Nacional) now has three relegation spots. Don’t forget you can see and vote for your favourite inactive clubs in EACH country by going to the Inactive Teams tab in the Country screen.

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18 Apr 22:01

We have just introduced the concept of negotiation priority for players. Each player will have a priority and take that into account when evaluating transfer offers. This replaces and enhances the broken “first team chance” they used to consider along with the wage (which is still a factor).

You can find more details in the game manual, player contract section. In summary there are two main differences. The first one is that when your team looks bad in terms of the player’s priority he may reject a transfer offer or, in case of renewal, ask for a higher wage (a message will be displayed when that’s the case and the suggested wage for renewal takes that into account). The second one is that a transfer offer may become a priority offer if the team is very well placed in terms of player priority. During offer comparison the player looks at priority offers first before even considering others, so a “normal” acceptable wage priority offer on its own will beat any wage in other offers.

Your Negotiations investment area has just become more important as the player priority may be revealed in the contract offer screen depending on your negotiations level. When you reveal a player’s priority you can also see which transfer offers are priority offers in the current negotiations section of the player info screen.

If this works well we will enchance the player status logic to consider the player negotiation priority when evaliating non-listed offers, but that’s a separate future discussion to be had.

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02 Apr 22:50

Player hotlist dialog enhanced so that the “non-scouted” information is displayed and players can be removed from position specific tabs, not only from the “All” tab.

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