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16 Oct 11:45

A new forced transfer formula is in place. In summary, it does not depend on the target player’s team money balance anymore, but on the player estimated value and his team’s and league’s classes. From our manual:

“The team’s board will evaluate your offer in comparison to the player’s base value. The base value is not displayed anywhere and is the key factor in the estimated value calculation, therefore the estimated value is usually a good indication of the player’s base value. Your offer will have to be between 2x and 12x the player’s base value, depending on the grade of the target player’s team and league. That means it is easier to force the transfer of players from small clubs and/or leagues. If the player’s team has a manager, the amount required to force a transfer is doubled.”

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12 Oct 07:16

Don’t be surprised if you see your players’ estimated value radically changing, it is all part of the modifications done to the way we calculate it. It now takes into account the player class, age and the amount of money available to the teams in the dimension. As you can imagine the same player may have different values in FastTicker and MediumTicker.

Another key change is the amount of money CPU teams are willing to pay on player transfers. We’ve noticed a considerable increase in that value and therefore made some adjustments. They will continue taking into account the player estimated value but will now also factor in the player’s class and the buyer team’s class.

Coming soon: improvements to forced transfers that will change the amount of money needed and also include a suggested value for the offer.

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08 Oct 03:31

Points give for team and manager rankings now take into account the opponent class. That means a victory against an ‘A’ team is worth more points than a victory against a ‘B’ team, for example.

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