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New!26 Feb 21:16

Many (if not all) of the bugs introduced by our latest technology upgrade from Friday have now been fixed. The latest one was the help dialogs, which are now working again. Please let us know if something is still not behaving correctly.

In a more interesting note, 16 new Italian clubs have been added to the game as inactive clubs. They will be joined by the two relegated ones in the current season and three of them will be promoted into Serie B two seasons from now. At the moment they are picked randomly, but I plan to add a mechanism for managers to have a say in which clubs should be promoted.

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24 Feb 13:05

If someone sends you a link to a player or team (and you’re not logged in), you will now go straight to it – instead of having to enter the right dimension first.

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24 Feb 06:16

The rules for re-hiring players to your club will change. Previously the rule simply stated that you could not hire a player whose immediate previous club was yours, but now the rule is that you have to wait for one and a half seasons (216 turns) before hiring a player that used to be owned by your club. In general this should be a more sensible and relaxed rule than the previous one.

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