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New!24 Jan 21:10

When each league finishes the best players in terms of average rating will be given the Team of the Season award. In order to be eligible for the award a player must have played in at least half of the rounds in a given league and he can get the award even if he’s not playing for that league anymore by the end of the season. The Team of the Season can be seen in a new tab added to the league screens.

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New!23 Jan 21:52

At the end of each competition the players with more goals scored will get a top scorer award. This award will be visible from the players awards screen, along with team of the round awards. I’ve also added the competition flag alongside the competition name for each award, to make it easier to identify exactly which league or cup the award refers to.

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12 Jan 07:10

In the Finance screen you can now view your income and expenses by season by using the new “Seasons” tab. The “Periods” tab contains the previously existing view by 3-turns financial period. I’ve also included a help link in the finance panel to the corresponding manual page.

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