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20 May 12:45

When you are trying to hire players from the market you will not get the “not interested” messages anymore, they will always listen to your offer first. Similarly we have removed the exclusive negotiation (priority indicator) when one or some teams had exclusive offer evaluation by some players and could sometimes win disputes with very low salaries.

Both these things were based on the player negotiation priority profile, which is still in place and will have a weight in the player decision, but now we have removed the two extremes where the player either completely ignores a team/manager or gives him exclusivity.

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16 May 11:10

Updated player evolution profiles so that:

  • no new players will be generated with “reaches potential on his 30s”
  • introduced new “reaches potential very young”
  • adjusted age for “reaches potential while still young”
  • adjusted number of available improvements per season to be smoother and always have a minimum of 2
  • removed the scenario where a player had no improvements available in a given season even before reaching potential
  • reduced some differences in number of improvements for different profiles
  • players can start losing skills at 30, 31, 32 or 33 depending on profile (the older he is capable of reaching the potential the older he will start losing skills)

The main goal here is to improve the number of world class younger players, currently players over 30 dominate the top player lists all over the world. This should also make it faster to renew your squad when the time comes. These changes are effective for newly generated players only, existing players will retain their current profiles.

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09 May 07:23

In some cases when player classes changed we noticed the estimated value was taking to long to catch up with the new class value range. That sometimes caused confusion and made it harder to make accurate forced transfer offers. We have now changed the logic so that the estimated value immediately catches up to a more reasonable value aligned to the new player class.

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