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17 Nov 10:45

International cup matches now give additional ranking points in comparison to national league or cup matches. These bonus points are higher depending on the importance of the competition, i.e. Europa League and Copa Sudamericana give you a smaller bonus than Champions League and Libertadores, which give you a smaller bonus than the Club World Cup. We probably need to have a complete manual page to demystify how the ranking points are calculated!

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16 Nov 01:02

CPU teams have a completely revamped logic to decide which players to sell and which players to buy. They now view players in one of 3 categories: main squad, reserves and future. For selling they will get rid of reserves that they believe will not become main players, mainly due to age, as well as extra future players they may have. For buying each team will have a different priority based on their class, deciding whether to hire main players, future players or loan players.

A key change is that a CPU team will not bid for a player if another CPU team is already bidding. This should increase the number of different player negotiations happening simultaneously. Nothing changed with regards to the values they pay for players.

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20 Oct 11:25

New formulas are now in place for ALL club revenues. The main goal is to try and balance the game economy and add a more challenging scenario when managing small clubs. These are the changes:

1) Sponsorship is calculated based on the league class with a small influence of the team quality
2) Merchandise is calculated based on the team class with a small influence of the league quality
3) Match attendance is calculated based on home team class, visitor team class and competition type. For league matches the league class is used, for national cup the team with the highest league class is used, for international competitions we have an almost guaranteed attendance of 40,000 (EL and Sudamericana) or 50,000 (CL and Libertadores).
4) Stadium investment has been replaced by Headquarters. Its role is the same as the Stadium when it comes to limiting how high the level of the other investments can be, but it does not determine stadium size anymore, all clubs have a 100,000 capacity stadium (at least for now).

The thinking is that the revenue from Sponsorship and Merchandise can be used to pay for your main players wages (roughly your 22 best players), the revenue from competition prizes can be used to pay for investments and the revenue from tickets sold can be used to pay additional wages or for buying players.

Hopefully this is the last big change to the economy and we can now focus on a few important improvements to player evolution and potential prediction!

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