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04 Apr 07:28

The game newspaper now has a section with the latest press releases written by the dimension managers.

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26 Mar 21:41

You must have realised you cannot see any matches if you navigate to older seasons in your team matches screen or even national/international cups screens. We have existing history for all matches but unfortunately they were missing some key information about the competition they belong to and in which turn they took place. These things will be included in the match history from now on so we can use that history to display older matches in the aforementioned screens.

For now, if you navigate to older seasons in your team matches screen you should be able to see the list of matches that took place in those seasons, but you won’t have information about the turn and competition. In 2-3 seasons time when you navigate back to the current season that information should be there.

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19 Mar 07:29

The merchandise bonus star type will be retired, meaning no new players will get it. We found out that it is the star type with less impact, partially due to the fact that some of its benefits are reduced due to the higher wage demanded by star players. As a replacement we have a much more exciting star type: improved youth players.

The new star type will have two main effects: improve the base skills used when generating new youth players (up to what is used in a top ranked country) and immediately increase player skills one or more times as soon as he joins the club. The first effect means that lower ranked countries with such star players would be able to generate better quality youths as if they were better ranked, whereas the second effect means it will be possible to generate players that have already skipped a few steps on their evolution, potentially even reducing the age they will reach their potential. All these details can be found in the game manual page for star players.

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